A Survey of Individuals with Disabilities

Thanks you in advance for completing our survey.

We are evaluating the interests and career goals of individuals with disabilities and especially those who are interested in becoming part of Teacher Education. Three surveys have been developed to measure both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the lives of individuals with disabilities at the High School level, the University level, and amongst Practicing Teachers (including those working in Higher Education).

In addition, the study is designed to measure the current interest in pursuing Teacher Education amongst High School and University students with disabilities, and to evaluate the current environment of Practicing Teachers with disabilities. The study also provides for projective data in all three levels concerning long term goals and the potential for staying in Education throughout one's career.

Confidentiality. The identity of any individual will be confidential and data collected will not be used for any other than this study without my express written permission.

Statement of Consent and Refusal/withdrawal. By clicking on one of the surveys below, you are agreeing to participation in this project. There is no charge for you to participation. Refusal to participate in this study will have no effect on any future services that you may be entitled. Anyone who agrees to participate in this study is free to withdraw from the study at any time without penalty. I understand that by reading this Informed Consent form, clicking on thelick below represents my willingness to participate in this study. Please print this document for your records.

In order to gather the data, these surveys have been launched onto the internet as e-surveys. Here's how easily it works:

1. Just select the links, depending on which survey best represents you. As a college professor I was able to complete all three: High School student, University student, and a Practicing teacher (which cover my current teaching in higher education).

a. High School Student with Disabilities (age 18 or older) Survey

b. University Student with Disabilities (age 18 or older) Survey

c. Practicing Teacher with Disabilities Survey

2. Please be sure to let us know what you think about the survey question, if we left an important question or if you just want to share more about your struggles we would like to have that on the survey.

3. Please fill out all the required fields and at the end of the survey please press "Submit".

I am extremely grateful for your time in completing the surveys. The information reported will be used to further our understanding of how individuals with special needs plan for the future, navigate their lives, and cope with challenges. It is the goal of the study to make recommendations to improve the environment of current teachers with disabilities and enhance recruitment of future teachers with disabilities from those capable and hard-working individuals living with disabilities.


Dr. Richard Evans Jr.
Co-Chair, Educators with Disabilities Caucus
Angelo State University
Teacher Education Department

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